Tranh Stream – ideal place to visit in Phu Quoc


Tranh Stream (or Suoi Tranh, Tranh Waterfall) is one of the best places for sightseeing on Phu Quoc Island. With a length of 15km and original from Ham Ninh mountain, Suoi Tranh flows through the primitive forests, on rocks forming small interesting waterfalls. Away from Duong Dong town about 10km on the roads between Duong Dong – Ham Ninh, Suoi Tranh is an attraction, camping favorite.

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The sea is rough, the winds are strong and you may find yourself hanging out in your cheap bungalow more than you thought. But there are good things about Phu Quoc’s rainy season besides the low season prices. Tranh Stream (Suoi Tranh) is full of water, creating impressive rapids and waterfalls. The journey to the falls is a tough one, but a good way to stretch your legs, so here is a quick guide if you find yourself on Phu Quoc between May and October.

Suoi Tranh (via Chudu24)

The stone path is well maintained and follows alongside the stream. There are several stops along the way on the trail. Immediately upon your start there are some food and souvenir stands. Here you can grab a quick snack of corn on the cob, potatoes or deep fried bananas for your trip. Many Vietnamese families pack their own meal and eat it along the way, so be prepared to dodge the occasional family picnic. About half way up the path, a 15-minute walk, there is a seven-metre high fall that is a little hard to see from the trail. There is a small path down an embankment that provides a good view.

The final stop on the trail is a large waterfall and the pool it spills into where the adventurous can take a quick dip and go under the falls. The water is still pretty warm here and if you stay toward the path side of the waterfall, fairly gentle. Tranh Stream is only worth a visit from May to October/November – outside of rainy season it is dry. This, of course, won’t stop the man at the door from collecting the entrance and parking fee from the unwitting. But if you find yourself in Phu Quoc in the low season, Tranh Stream may be one of your highlights.

Nestled in the shadow of green forests, the trails lead to Suoi Tranh is covered with trees (via Phú Quốc Xanh)

Nestled in the shadow of green forests, the trails lead to Suoi Tranh is covered with trees. The scene and air would be interesting because of the feeling of  leaving the air of the sea behind to enter the cool air in the forest just a few minutes stepping on the trails. On the streams is about 4 meters high waterfall, pouring down a lake at the foot waterfall, This is an ideal destination to relax, or watch the spring landscape to prepare for more exploration of the stream. Trails, waterfalls, trees and surrounding landscape created a beautiful and perhaps they also the origin of the name of Suoi Tranh. Near the spring there are many cave such as Bat Cave is located about 200 m high altitude on the mountain, deep as 50 m, there are many beautiful stalactites, fancy.

How to get there

Tranh Stream (via

To get to Tranh Stream from Duong Dong, get a taxi or rent a motorbike and head south east on DT47. Stay on the road for roughly five kilometres until you reach what looks like an entrance to Jurassic Park. It is a large, ivy covered gate. Head back to the small carport filled with motorbikes. Pay the entrance fee of 5,000 dong and for parking and up the path you go. Tranh stream located on Ham Ninh mountain range northeast of the island of Phu Quoc. From Duong Dong town, you drive on the road April 30, according to Duong Dong route – Ham Ninh is to be Tranh stream.

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