Top things to do you should try on Phu Quoc Island (Part 1)


Though you can find your own way to enjoy days on amazing Phu Quoc island, these suggestions below can make your holiday even better.

>>Experiences you should not miss in the early morning

Catch gorgeous sunset at Dinh Cau Rock

The special thing that you should not miss doing in Phu Quoc is to enjoy the gorgeous sunset at Dinh Cau Temple. The sunshine reflects on spectacular rocks together with white waves draw a romantic view. It is truly a magical moment for every backpackers.

Don’t forget to visit Dinh Cau Temple which is respected by the locals. It is said that one day from the bottom of the pure blue ocean appeared a huge majestic rock circled by white sand dunes which are symbolic of the fisherman those who sailed out and never come back home. It was thought to be a good signal so islanders had built a temple right on this rock and named it Dinh Cau Temple. Dinh Cau is a deity who controls the ocean and bring peace and good fortune to local fishermen whenever they sail off the sea. Nowadays, all boats on the island which are ready for heading out the open sea always stop at Dinh Cau Temple so that the fishermen can burn incense and pray for a safe and sound beach trip.

Catch gorgeous sunset at Dinh Cau Rock (via Du lịch Việt Nam – FC2)

Have seafood dinner at Dinh Cau Night market

The market opens daily from 18h to 23h in Dinh Cau Night market where you can freely select and taste the delicacies. There are more than 100 market stalls mainly serving seafood such as noodles in crab chowder, boiled snails, boiled squids, strings of grilled meat, thick noodle soup with fish pastes, etc.

Spacious, clean stalls, fresh tasty dishes and friendly services are undoubtedly distinctive features that have made particular impressions on many visitors.

Besides, it‘s easy for you to choose and pick up a gift for friends, family, relatives at Dinh Cau Night market, where there are a variety of pretty souvenirs made from pearls, starfishes, shells, corals.

Seafood at Dinh Cau Night Market (via Baithombeach)

Visit a traditional fish sauce factory

Phu Quoc is not only famous for its beach, seafood but also well-known as a place of producing the best fish sauce in Vietnam. Finding out the traditional fermentation method which creates a famous charming flavor of Phu Quoc’s fish sauce is an interesting and unique activity. Phu Quoc fish sauce is renowned for its traditional flavor that has been maintained for more than 100 years.

You can buy fish sauce as gifts. Phu Quoc fish sauce is differentiated by its color, which is due entirely to the ingredients and is not the result of any coloring agents.

Relax at Sao Beach

Sao Beach (via BestPrice)

There are a number of beaches in Phu Quoc Island, most of which create good impression on visitors with wonderful sceneries. Sao Beach, which is on the east coast, is the best beach and the favorite spot of tourists on Phu Quoc.

The first impression on Phu Quoc’s climate is its cool temperature at about 18 Celcius, which easily brings you a sense of satisfaction. In addition, blue sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine all together with the crystal clear azure water contribute to a picturesque view. The water surface is so quiet that you can feel safe when swimming here. There are couples of restaurants here.

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